By | March 14, 2015

Have you ever wondered how did Julius Caesar die precisely? Well, if you can’t curb curiosity, you should take the chance to satisfy it by attending the accurate reenectment that will take place tomorrow at Largo di Torre Argentina.
Why the need of such a dramatic performance? Because tomorrow it’s March 15, known to history as those obscure Ides of March when Julius Caesar was assassinated.
The Archaeological Superintendence of Rome is sponsoring a show schedule on this occasion: at 12pm and 3.30pm a philologically faithful reenactment of the murder will be performed in three scenes, on the spot where this cruent episode occurred 2056 years ago:
1) Mark Antony, Cato, Cicero, senators and tribunes have a meeting at the Senate and at end of it they declare Caesar a public enemy of Rome;
2) Caesar arrives to the Curia and meets with the haruspex Spurinna, who had warned him: “Caesar, beware the Ides of March.” It follows his assassination with twenty-three stab wounds;
3) Brutus and Mark Antony hold a funeral speech to honor Caesar at the Roman Forum (the speech is taken from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”).
In between the two performances, guided tours every 40 minutes (both in English and Italian) will take visitors around the archaeological site of Largo di Torre Argentina, today a lovely square just in the heart of Rome.
Attending the events (both tours and reenactments) will be free of charge! To get more info or directions (it’s just 10 minutes bus journey from Termini station) ask our staff at Hostel Des Artistes!

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