By | March 30, 2015

Just one month left to Expo Milano 2015! From May 1 to October 31 this year visitors from all over the world can enjoy in Milan a six-month global event on the theme of food & nutrition.
145 countries will take part to it presenting their own pavillion and contribution to the topic through debates, conferences, meetings and a number of other events.
We thought it useful to provide you with a summary of the tickets options:

WHERE: there are three way sto get them.
1) From the official website of Expo Milano 2015;
2) at the Expo Gate built up in Piazza Cairoli, downtown Milan;
3) from any Authorised Reseller (check out the official website for the full list).

HOW MUCH: ticket prices depend on the event you are interested in and on some other variables which may give you right to discounts (such as age; being part of a family group, school; having diabilities etc.). As a general idea, tickets range from a minimum of 5€ for night events to more than 100€ for the seasonal pass. Of course there’s a number of options in between these two extremes! To be more precise… read below!

WHAT: you have the following tickets:
Open Date –> for the entire day on a date of your choice between May 2 and October 31.
Fixed Date –> for the entire day on a specific date between May 2 and October 31.
Evening ticket –> just for entry starting at 19:00.
May 1 Opening –> for opening day of the Exhibition Site (official cerimony & celebrations to inaugurate the six months of events, debates and experiences)
Multi-day –> for two consecutive days, between May 2 and October 31. (It’s less expensive than purchasing two one-day tickets. Available either as a Fixed or Open option… see above).
2-3 day Carnet –> to visit Expo Milano 2015 whenever you want. These are available for two or three open dates between May 2 and October 31.
Expo Milano 2015 will be open every day from 10am to 11pm, and events will involve all Italian cities. Check out with us at Hostel des Artistes what’s going on in Rome!

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