By | June 29, 2015

Ancient buildings, churches, catacombs, museums are major touristic attractions in Italy, that is to say all the stuff that has something to do with the long gone yet influential Roman Empire. But beautiful landscapes are definitely top attractions as well. One day excursion at just one hour trip by train or car into the heart of Italy would be no less exciting. Take the Marmore Falls, for instance.
With more than three hundred caves, five different routes, rich and diverse vegetation, the Marmore Falls play a key role in the locals’ every day life since 271 B.C. The town has medium sized hotels, trattorias, wide green fields to relax or pic-nic, and even a lake.
From the ticket office to the first view of the falls, one has to walk hundreds of meters slightly downwards, winding through the residential areas of Marmore village. Water flows slowly from the Pediluco Lake before it suddenly throws itself from the cliff making a 167 meters dive: the Marmore falls.
On either sides there are very small tributaries and artificial diversions. The view from La Specola (a sort of tower) is just the first stage of the fall, an amazing stop though. Almost everybody rushes onto this tower to enjoy the view it offers on the falls, the vegetation and the surrounding villages.
To get a closer view of the falls from Lover’s Balcony, put on a simple rain coat, because there is a lot of vapor at this point. Past this point you reach another wooden balcony, which is more open than the one under shade situated lover’s balcony. For an optimized bottom-up view, follow this route downwards, past the Botanical Garden, and cross the small bridge on to the opposite side of the falls… a breathtaking view over the whole scene that is worth the efforts to reach it!

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