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Rome: Lucci Hotel Rome
Rome: Jonella Bed & Breakfast
Rome: Two Ducks Hostel

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Prague: Sir Toby's

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Berlin: Three Little Pigs Hostel Berlin
Berlin: A & O Hostel
Stuttgart: Jugendgästehaus

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Budapest: Best Hostel

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Amsterdam: The Flying Pig

Cracow: Dizzy Daisy

Zermatt: Matterhorn Hostel

United Kingdom
London: Ashlee House
London: St. Christopher Inns
Tredegar: Hobo Backpackers Hostel

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This hostel was the best one we stayed at in Italy! It was clean, safe, quiet and the staff was great! The location is perfect - it was close to the train station so it made it easy to ride the metro. I highly recommend this place!
Reina, 5 April 2005

Top rate experience - extremely clean and cozy-feeling. You'll meet some great people and feel at home!
Sarah, 10 March 2005

A really good place to stay, cheap for Rome and has a good atmosphere. The roof terrace is lovely and I met loads of good people here. If you go to Rome you must stay here!
Mel, 27 August 2004

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Rome Hostel Des Artistes
Via Villafranca 20
00185 Rome Italy
Ph. +39 06 4454365
Fax +39 06 4462368